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"Mad Painter's 'Empty Bottles': A Timeless Rock Anthem for Modern Times"

Mad Painter, hailing from the vibrant music scene of Boston, brings forth their latest single "Empty Bottles," showcasing their knack for blending 70s rock with modern sensibilities. Led by Alex Gitlin on keyboards and vocals, the band features Al Nahabedian on guitar, Kenne Highland on bass, and Al Hendry on drums, with backing vocals provided by Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine. This ensemble of seasoned musicians brings a wealth of experience and creativity to their sound.

Formed in Arlington, MA, Mad Painter found their musical synergy while practicing on the second floor of the Regent Theatre building. Influenced by a rich tapestry of 1970s rock'n'roll, their music resonates with elements ranging from garage and proto-punk to early heavy metal and psychedelic rock, infused with the glamour of British glam rock icons from that era.

"Empty Bottles" emerges as a standout in Mad Painter's discography, following the success of their sophomore album, Splashed. Originally unveiled at the Winter Tanglefest and subsequently featured on WaveRadio, the track has garnered attention for its dynamic blend of introspective lyrics and infectious rock energy. The song reflects on the challenges of isolation during the global lockdowns of 2020, resonating with listeners through its uplifting message of resilience.

Driven by a vibrant synth melody that opens the track, "Empty Bottles" evolves into a tapestry of gritty guitar riffs layered over shuffling drums, creating a pulsating sonic landscape. Alex Gitlin’s vocals soar above the arrangement, infusing the song with a heartfelt narrative that captures the zeitgeist of uncertain times. The synergy between the Hammond organ and the crunchy guitars adds depth to the composition, culminating in a bluesy rock anthem that is both timeless and contemporary.

With "Empty Bottles," Mad Painter continues to showcase their prowess as both songwriters and performers. The track exemplifies their ability to craft memorable hooks and deliver electrifying musical experiences that resonate with a diverse audience. As they carve their path in the Boston music scene and beyond, Mad Painter proves once again why they are a band to watch, blending nostalgia with innovation to create music that is as compelling as it is timeless.

Graham writes


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